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Re: APNEA BOARD NEWS - vanuit de USA!



On behalf of the entire Apnea Board staff, greetings!

We're proud that as of this past spring, we have been online and serving Sleep Apnea patients for over 14 years!

Apnea Board is the world's most helpful and friendly CPAP and Sleep Apnea forum. We support the "patient-empowerment movement" (the belief that you are best served when you take an active role in your own CPAP therapy).

Just a few items of interest:

OUR MEMBERSHIP RANKS CONTINUE TO GROW: Apnea Board currently has close to 70,000 registered members who have made over 265,000 posts on our forums. Last month, we had visitors from 136 countries. The majority of visitors come from the U.S., Germany, Canada, Australia, China, Great Britain and France.

INCREASED PARTICIPATION: Our staff has noticed that forum participation has grown quite a bit since last year. There's been a lot more activity from new members with complex apnea and an increase in the use of bilevel machines with a backup rate. This may have been the year of the soft cervical collar as many members are discovering the benefits of using positional therapy to resolve stubborn obstructive apnea clusters without increasing CPAP pressures.

THE APNEA BOARD WIKI: Please be sure to check out the Apnea Board Wiki, as we have several updates and many new articles up now on a variety of sleep-related subjects:

NEW UNLIMITED FILE ATTACHMENT SPACE: In an effort to be less reliant upon other websites like Imgur and other third-party image-hosting services, Apnea Board is pleased to announce that (as of February 2018) all forum members now essentially have UNLIMITED attachment space in order to upload and attach sleep apnea or CPAP-related images and files to forum posts. Read more about it here: ... rd-members

ADDITIONS TO OUR CLINICIAN'S SETUP MANUAL LIST: We've added a lot more CPAP Clinician Setup Manuals to our web site to help you control advanced settings on your CPAP machine. We currently offer setup manuals for 189 common machines, plus directions on how to enter the setup menu and change CPAP pressure settings for several others. Some manuals are available for direct download; others available through email. During the past 12 months, we've distributed a total of 51,586 manuals.

To obtain a Clinician Setup Manual, click on this link to go to our Clinician Setup Manuals Page: ... tup-manual

SLEEPYHEAD CPAP REPORTING SOFTWARE: JediMark's SleepyHead software continues to be the best application for tracking your CPAP data. The official SleepyHead website is at:
There's a new beta version of SleepyHead (version 1.1.0) that supports some newer machines and has some bug fixes. For the download links, go here: ... STING-Beta

QUESTIONS ABOUT CPAP SOFTWARE? Our Software Support Forum is a great place to ask questions concerning CPAP-related software such as SleepyHead, EncoreBasic, EncorePro, Somnetics for Transcend, HDM's Data Viewer for the Z1, Apex Easy Compliance, and supplemental wireless data software such as Sleep Master and FlashPAP. The Software Support forum is at: ... port-Forum

PRIVATE FILES & LINKS FORUM: This is our "secret" members-only forum containing links and instructions on how to obtain several free CPAP software packages and other important files. We've had some updates over the past year, so you may wish to check it out.

IN MEMORIAM: Apnea Board Monitor "PaytonA" (Payton from California) passed away on September 23, 2017. Payton joined Apnea Board five years ago and served on our volunteer staff for two of those years. He had a great sense of humor and was always willing to jump in and help anyone he could. His positive attitude and solid advice was reassuring to many here-- and this place will not be the same without him. You can read more about Payton's passing here: ... rd-Monitor

Thank you for joining Apnea Board! If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or can send us a CPAP setup manual we don't currently have, we'd encourage you to email us at:

We don't send out emails much - once or twice per year at most. If you'd like to unsubscribe to these infrequent emails, simply follow the directions at the bottom of this email.

Best Regards and may you sleep well!

Apnea Board Administrator



Apnea Board was created in 2004 as an open, educational discussion forum devoted exclusively to Sleep Apnea patients. We started Apnea Board because there seemed to be a lack of sleep apnea forums that were not influenced adversely in some way by commercial interests. At that time, the main sleep apnea forums were run by companies that sold sleep apnea related products, and their forum operations were affected by disruptive commercialism. We wanted a place for Sleep Apnea patients to meet that would not be affected by someone trying to "sell us something", so we made a promise to our members that Apnea Board operations will never be influenced by commercial interests. Apnea Board exists so Sleep Apnea patients can help one another.


Donate to Apnea Board:

The Apnea Board Wiki:

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Take the Daytime Sleepiness Test:

Glossary of Sleep Disorder Terms:

Sleep Apnea Videos: ... nea-videos

Apnea Board Forum:

CPAP Identification Pictures:

How to Find Your Optimum CPAP pressure: ... re-on-cpap

Benefit of Automatic CPAP Machines:

Get the Clinician / Setup Manual for your CPAP here: ... tup-manual

Recommended CPAP machines: ... ne_choices
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